SEC Certification

With a Certified (Basic, Profi or Master) Training certificate, you will be on your way to assisting your clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Those looking to help other people get and stay fit will find our program to be the fastest and easiest way to achieve certification.

The Fastest Way to Earn Your Training Certification

You want your results as soon as possible. That is why we are pleased to provide you with instant test grading at no additional costs. Certified Trainers assist people across the age spectrum with achieving fitness goals. Around the world, people turn to top qualified trainers to improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and to reshape their bodies. Earning a certification can help show your clients that you take you continuing education seriously and also provide you with knowledge for your professional benefit.

Take Your Test Whenever & Receive Instant 24/7 Certification

We work to make your life easier by providing you with instant results whenever you need it. Not only can you take our 100% online exams whenever you like, but you can also achieve instant certification 24/7.

100% Online Training Program

Earn your certification online in just 1 to 2 hours. All of our tests are 100% online so you’ll never have to spend a single second traveling. It is possible to quickly complete our course and exams without ever stepping foot in a classroom.

5 Exam Categories and %s:

Principles of human anatomy (20%), Principles of human physiology (19%), Fitness components (23%), Training program development, implementation and modification (33%), Professionalism and communication skills (5%).

Unlimited Free Final Exam Attempts

If you receive a grade of 60% or higher, then you will successfully pass. If for some reason you don’t pass right away, you can take the exam is many times as necessary until you succeed.

Printable Certification Card for No Added Charge

Once you’ve passed your 100% online exam, we will provide you with instant certification. Upon passing, you’ll receive a free email certification.

No On-Site Testing Required & Study Manual Included

SEC is leading the way in 100% online fitness core competency examinations. There are no clinical skills checks required. Skilled, experienced and talented industry professionals have created all of our high-quality materials - which are based on the latest scientific research.

Our Secure Payment Options

We’ve also made paying an easy and straightforward process. There are many different and completely safe ways to pay thanks to our secure servers.